Complete your security system with a video surveillance system with cameras with night vision fully wired and with the possibility of viewing your installation, both live and recorded.

Protect your camera system with a small UPS, alternative power supply to avoid power cuts.

Choose the type of camera that best fits your business profile, Facial Detection, People Account, Number Plates Recognition and so on.  Let our advisers advise you, don't be satisfied with a simple KIT, we do customised projects.

Adapt its current installation with HD and IP equipment, currently there are teams that coexist with the 5 existing technologies in the market, HDCVI / HDTVI / AHD / IP and ANALOG.

Store the images for as long as you want, choosing the appropriate Hard Disk capacity for your computer and you will always have access to the recorded image.

Manage and control your cameras system from your mobile terminal through our App.

Do not pay ANY fee to manage your own cameras system, just pay for your installation. If you require complex installations, we also have special cameras as well as thermal cameras and VIDEO ANALYSIS equipment.

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Alarmas Girona

Security company registered in the Register of Security companies of Catalonia with the number DGSC 03/2010, as a company dedicated to the installation and maintenance of equipment and devices of security systems in accordance with that provided by Law 23/1992 of 30 July Private Security.


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