The most generalized definition of an access control system refers to the mechanism which depending on the identity already authenticated, allows access to data or resources. Basically we find access control systems in multiple shapes and for different applications. For example, we find access control systems via software when we type our password to open the mail. Another example is when we must place our fingerprint on a reader to turn on the PC.

These cases, are examples that allow access to data. However, our focus on electronic security is related to the access of resources, in our case, opening a door, a turnstile or vehicle access for instance.

Access control systems are the technology with the highest demand in the current market, we have migrated from mechanical systems and with specialized personnel, to those fully automated entry and exit control processes with different types of technologies and devices. It is important to carry out a proper study, segmenting the zones, the access groups, the allowed times, the level of access for each user, measuring the number of people or cars traveling through each zone and clearly establishing the objectives of each access control.


• Control of Entries and Exits

• Greater Security and Control of Public Access

• Savings in Personnel Costs

• Fast Return on Investment

• Decrease in Registration Time

• Improvement in Staff Productivity

• Allow / Restrict Door Opening

• Monetary Value of the Building

• Added Value in Modernization

It is important to study and design prior to any installation and commissioning of a security project and access control. Proper integration of electronic devices with electromechanical devices will reduce dramatically personnel costs and project totals, making an access control system literally pay for itself in a very short time. 

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