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Security systems for the home, business and industry

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The only security system that is not possible to DISABLE

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Closed tv circuits, access control and fire detection

AG SEGURETAT - Security Systems for the Home, Industry and Business

AG SEGURETAT is a security company with the ability to offer products, services and global solutions of the latest technology for any security installation, completely customized, depending on needs of the clients.

Our goal is your well-being, being always your first choice in security systems for the home, business and industry, offering all the technical and human resources in order to guarantee a personalized security project, for each of our clients and to ensure their safety.

Choose the best option in alarms, closed tv circuits, access control and fire detection. Each project is designed to cover different types of security systems in the market, prioritizing the needs and specification of each of the different premises or homes to be protected.

The alarms for a flat, detached, semi-detached houses and businesses are exactly the same but what differentiates them are the projects, in AG Seguretat we carry out customised projects for each client and premises needs.

So …

Why pay more for security in a business than in a flat, if the service is exactly the same?

With US, you will pay a single ANNUAL fee and if you are unhappy with our services, you can unsubscribe with a simple e-mail.

Alarmes Girona


Choose the best option, a wired alarm is the only security system that is not possible to DISABLE, as there is no safety equipment VIA RADIO.




Cameras Seguridad


Complete your security system with camera video system surveillance with cameras with night vision fully wired and with the possibility of viewing your installation, both live as well as recorded.

Control Accesos


Access control systems are the ones with the most demanding technology in the current market, fully automated entry and exit control with different types of technologies and devices. Segmentation of zones, access groups, schedules ... These are some of the basic functions of the control system.

Our goal is your well-being, being always your first choice

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Alarms and Security Systems for the home, business and industry

Does your alarm system comply with the current regulation?

INT / 316/2011?

We ADVISE you and INFORM you how to adapt it.


Our clients include security installations for family homes, large commercial areas, companies and businesses where cases of break-in attempts have been successfully erradicated.



Alarmas Girona

Security company registered in the Register of Security companies of Catalonia with the number DGSC 03/2010, as a company dedicated to the installation and maintenance of equipment and devices of security systems in accordance with that provided by Law 23/1992 of 30 July Private Security.


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